Happy Birthday at 20. Or is that 80?

NOTE: The websites www.oecdobserver.org and www.observateurocde.org are due to close end 2020. The content will be available through OECD iLibrary.  Enquiries to observer@oecd.org. Below a story on the origins of this website.Thank you very much for coming here and for your interest in OECD Observer.   

Tim Berners-Lee, who is widely acclaimed as the father of the worldwide web, once reportedly asked how long a year was on the web, three months? And so was born the internet year. The OECD Observer magazine was founded in 1962, and our web platform, www.oecdobserver.org, which is hosted and powered by Pressflex, was launched in September 1999.

This makes it 20 years old. But if we apply Sir Tim’s adage, www.oecdobserver.org is celebrating its 80th birthday.

Things evolve fast online and today there are many web platforms, but there is still only one OECD Observer. Policymakers not only trust it as a smart gateway to OECD intelligence on digitalisation, but have been following us digitally for years via e-alerts, RSS feeds and social media. And now, with Augmented Reality bringing our multimedia content alive, we are making our paper versions go digital too.

That is worth celebrating.

You can read “Whence the web?” to find out how the worldwide web was born in the OECD Observer. Published in 2000. That’s just 76 web years ago.

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Whence the web?

James Gillies, European Laboratory For Particle Physics (CERN), Switzerland

Was the World Wide Web an invention of the US military, or did it come out of Microsoft? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is more scientific than that, although both defence and business had their parts to play.


This article appeared in edition No 319-320 2019, the last paper quarterly edition of the OECD Observer

The websites www.oecdobserver.org and www.observateurocde.org are due to close by end 2020/start 2021.

The content will be available and searchable through OECD iLibrary

So far there are no plans to open a new replacement website, but we will keep you informed. 

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