Which car? A test from PISA 2012

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Chris has just received her car driving licence and wants to buy her first car. This table below shows the details of four cars she finds at a local car dealer.

Question 1

Chris wants a car that meets all of these conditions:

  • The distance travelled is not higher than 120 000 kilometres.
  • It was made in the year 2000 or a later year.
  • The advertised price is not higher than 4 500 zeds.

Which car meets Chris’s conditions?

    A. Alpha    B. Bolte    C. Castel    D. Dezal

Question 2

Which car’s engine capacity is the smallest?

A. Alpha    B. Bolte    C. Castel    D. Dezal

Question 3

Chris will have to pay an extra 2.5% of the advertised cost of the car as taxes.

How much are the extra taxes for the Alpha?
Extra taxes in zeds:

Answers to the PISA questionnaire. Question 1: B. Bolte, Question 2: D.Dezal, Question 3: 120.

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